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Friends of Science change their Diapers


The Friends of Science (FoS) have secured a deal with ‘Deepend Adult Diapers’ in order to continue their annual denial luncheon series. “Our members are so old. We could only rent facilities with washable plastic chairs, more comfortably furnished arenas were denied to us” says FoS’s ailing president Doug Leahey. “I like the tear off model. Some of the crap our annual speakers say ends up directly in there” adds Norm ‘Neanderthal’ Kalmanovitch. “Libertarianism also includes the freedom to poop wherever and whenever I want, especially after rustic meals” argues Tim Ball, retired climatology geography professor. “Eating all these cherries we have picked gives me a weak stomach” complains director Ken Gregory. “With my diapers on, I degass CO2 on the go. And since CO2 is plant food, I am walking fertilizer” says past-president Charles Simpson. FoGT adds: The adult diapers are only a temporary fix. In the future, the biological clock will contribute in a natural way to the demise of FoS.