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The Cold Sun is (C)old Coffee: An Open Letter to John Cook and Sebastian Lüning

An open letter to:
John Cook, co-author of "Climate Change Denial - IPCC proximal"
Sebastian Lüning, co-author of "Climate Change Denial - IPCC distal"

Dear Gentlemen,
We, the Friends of Gin and Tonic are concerned about you two plagiarizing our ideas in support of your agendas. It came to our eyes and ears that you use our T-t trend manipulation technique to deceive the Australian and German public on the reality of climate change.


We, the Friends of Gin and Tonic have reported such trends for New Zealand a long time ago (31 Dec 2010) - New Zealand has clearly cooled since 1909:


Some say we essentially ripped this off our friends over at the Climate Scum - according to which the earth has been cooling for the last 160 years:


And Baron von Monckhofen at the Climate Scum has stolen this idea from our Calgary brothers of the Friends of Science, i.e. us.


So what's new? Absolutely nothing! Just because the German public cannot and does not read English and the Australian public does not read at all, you use our ideas to make a buck. Shame on you!

But in the end, your 'Treppenwitz' (English: escalator) is irrelevant as we demonstrated two years ago here in Canada: using monoclinic mirroring of the time axis and/or rotating always yield cooling for both short-term and long-term trends. Which confirms John Mclean's retarded statement: "If the SOI accounts for short-term variation then logically it also accounts for long-term variation." Well said, John. And yes, it gets cold in the winter - which explains the long-term cooling. Gents, please develop your own ideas in the future.