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Most Powerful Solar Flare in 5 Years; Friends of Science Expect Results in 1

Associated with its 11-year cycle from quiet to more active (which numerous loonies luminaries claimed wasn’t going to happen this time), the sun yesterday erupted its most powerful flare in nearly five years. Our friendly climate experts in the Friends of Science have assembled a train of unassailable logic that shows there is about a decade of time lag between an increase in solar activity (but only solar activity, not anything else – for example, so-called greenhouse gases) and its ultimate effects.

Therefore, all this worry about disruption to satellites and communications is premature. By the time it’ll be a problem, your Blackberry, like its manufacturer, will be obsolete, current satellites will have crashed into the ocean or Australia and we’ll all be shivering after the
massive cooling that will take place from 2011 onward. So, you can all relax and ponder the parallel decline in the value of your investment portfolios while saving up for that new iPad or Android device, which by the time you can afford it will almost certainly be sun-proof.