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Geological Association of Canada solicits Cimate Change Denial and turns into Carnival Club

ottawa program
The joint annual meeting of the Geological Association of Canada/Mineralogical Association of Canada, better known as GAC/MAC, was held at the end of May in Ottawa. It featured, amongst others, a symposium ‘Earth climate: past, present, future’. Traditionally, the speakers of a symposium are invited by the organizer, who was Dr. Andrew Miall, a geologist from the University of Toronto.

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The symposium was infested by deniers while real climatologists remained conspicuously absent. It featured keynotes by Ian Plimer [download Friends of Science version] and Jan Veizer. The Calgary oil patch was represented by the omnipresent Norm Kalmanovitch of the Friends of Science, and Neil Hutton, past president of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Climatologists Geologists, and composer of the unoriginal patchwork opus ‘Climate Change’. Tim Patterson’s large group from Carleton University acted as stocking stuffers for the 1.5 day denial symposium.

The question is: who at GAC had invited these speakers and why?

While GAC and MAC may have not issued a consensus position statement on this issue, many of the world's leading scientific organizations (in which many Canadians participate) have issued firm statements that seek to scientifically inform public policy development. Anyone and everyone can obtain a global perspective on the present status of the "scientific debate" on the nature and significance of anthropogenic global climate change by consulting the position statements posted at the websites of organizations such as: The American Geophysical Union, The Geological Society of America, The Geological Society (London), The National Academy of Science (USA), The Royal Society (London), and the Interacademy Panel on International Issues (a global network of science academies).

The statement by the Royal Academy (London) is the most succinct:

"Our scientific understanding of climate change is sufficiently sound to make us highly confident that greenhouse gas emissions are causing global warming. Science moves forward by challenge and debate and this will continue. However, none of the current criticisms of climate science, nor the alternative explanations of global warming are well enough founded to make not taking  action the wise choice. The science clearly points to the need for nations to take urgent steps to cut greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, as much and as fast as possible, to reduce the more severe aspects of climate change. We must also prepare for the impacts of climate change, some of which are already inevitable. This document was compiled with the help of the Royal Society Climate Change Advisory Group and other leading experts

Issued: June 2007, updated December 2008."

So why does the Geological Society of Canada not issue such a statement, also, and instead outs itself as a carnival club by giving denialists a platform and some legitimacy? You can inquire at Please drop them a line.