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Friends of Science steal FoGT's Material

Scientific evidence shows a likely connection between the Japanese earthquake and climate change, in that both the global cooling since 2002 and the increased tectonic activity of the Earth are linked to solar activity.

As we enter solar cycle 24, solar activity is mimicking the pattern of the Dalton Minimum that brought an extension of the Little Ice Age and signalled a period of intense tectonic activity that included the largest volcanic eruption in modern history in 1815.

As with all scientific predictions, there is not 100 per cent certainty that we will see increased destructive tectonic activity over the next few years, but the precautionary principle dictates that we must put measures in place to deal with these eventualities.

Early warning systems, quick response evacuation procedures and the ability to quickly shut down nuclear reactors are some of the initiatives that must be put in place immediately to minimize the impact of possible volcanoes and earthquakes.

With global cooling expected to intensify over the next two decades, our response should be to increase our energygenerating capacity and our food supply, but instead, the environmentalist lobby wants Canada to shut down oilsands production and increase our biofuel production, which is already taking enough wheat and corn from the global food supply to feed 33 million people, to combat their fabricated disaster of human-caused global warming.

Norm Kalmanovitch, Calgary
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Schweinsgruber says: Norm Kalashnikoff is a creationist Friend of Science and a moron he told us this.