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"Truth and Lies”

Re: "It's doable," Letter, Nov. 25.
It is time to put climate change on trial, with all testimony made under oath, and any false testimony resulting in charges of perjury.

I am a professional geophysicist, licensed to practise by APEGGA, in strict accordance with the APEGGA Code of Professional Practice. This code of practice prohibits geoscientists and engineers from making "false or misleading public statements," so anything that I state publicly in the capacity of a geophysicist is essentially made under oath, exposing me to repercussions for any "false or misleading statements."

I can categorically state that there is absolutely no physical evidence that supports any of the claims of human-caused global warming from CO2 emissions, and that physical evidence and scientific theory absolutely refute any possibility of increased CO2 emissions from fossil fuels causing the catastrophic global warming claimed by the Pembina Institute. Either P.J. Partington of the Pembina Institute is making "false or misleading public statements" or I am in violation of my professional code of practice and should face disciplinary action from APEGGA.

I am not concerned, because the sole basis for the human-caused global warming conjecture is a correlation of global warming with increased CO2 emissions, and this correlation does not even exist.

The Pembina Institute should be concerned, because their "false and misleading statements" are public record and they will be held accountable.

Norman Kalmanovitch,
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