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Carnage at Friends of Science Conference

TORONTO - Emergency workers faced a scene right out of a horror movie Tuesday after members of the Friends of Science fell off a platform during a meeting in Toronto.

At least 16 members who were on what is understood to be a sun-worship platform were injured in the accident just before 8 a.m. at a compound in the city's west end, police said. Officials said none of the injuries was life-threatening.

At first, emergency responders were thrown by the bizarre sight of the climate zombies, and it was more difficult for crews to assess their injuries, said Toronto EMS spokesman Stig McIntyre (no relation).

"Imagine walking in, you know you're the first paramedic on the scene and you've got a whole lot of patients and you take one look and they look like zombies," said McIntyre.

"That's quite frankly not something you see every day."

"It did kind of catch us off guard when we walked in," added Toronto Police Sgt. Randy Gibbon.

The Friends fell about a metre and a half as inmates watched in awe at the Royal Ontario Psychiatric Hospital, where the umpteenth instalment of one of their climate-denial cult conferences is meeting.

One Friend suffered a cracked rib while another had a leg stress fracture and another suffered a possible back injury, the meeting’s conveners said.

Seven of the Friends had already returned to the meeting by Tuesday afternoon, FoS mouthpiece the National Post said in a release.

President Len Maier and star author Norm Kalmanovitch were not on the platform when the incident happened and weren't injured, a society spokesNewfie said.

"It appears that there were a group of actors on a platform, that one platform had wheels and they were moving over to another platform with a better view of the sun," said Sgt. Gibbon

"As soon they were moving over, the wheels moved, causing them to fall," he said.

The cult’s representatives said the platform "separated from the set, creating a gap that several members fell through."

The Ontario Ministry of Labour is investigating the incident.

"They are sending an inspector and an engineer," said a ministry spokesman, adding that about 50 cultists were on the platform when it moved.

“Because of all the zombie stuff, it was difficult to tell immediately the real extent of their injuries,” said paramedic McIntyre. “However, we clued in pretty quick because there was lots of piss and drool and of course no brains.”

Just across town on a film set, a similar accident happened at almost the same time.