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Ethical Asbestos

Ethical Oil campaign argues that the mining of Alberta’s tar sands is not about corporate greed at the expense of the planet’s climate but, rather, is a force for good in promoting gay and women’s rights. Here’s the clever bit: green fanatics are actually in favour of human rights so this argument places them on the horns of a dilemma. Ouch!

ethical oil
Source: Ethical Oil (no joke)

Lonely welders are free to hold hands on Fort McMurray’s Main Street on their day off and no women in the town has ever got stoned, well not in that way, anyway.

FOGT has learned that Canada will soon be launching new campaign,
Ethical Asbestos, which will counter the scare-mongering concerning this mining of this innocent substance by focusing everyone’s attention on the undeniable fact that Canadians are really nice, whereas the other people who still mine asbestos are all horrid.

ethical asbestos
Source Wikipedia and various random websites like this.

We are also informed that the launch of a third campaign, Ethical Cod, has been postponed pending restoration of the Grand Banks ecosystem.